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George Massold是德裔新西兰籍人,定居新西兰30多年,原奥克兰大学教授,在新西兰拥有自己的发明专利,精通德语、西班牙语、俄语等多门语言,现为奕舞艺术学校的忠实粉丝,他对学校和Milla老师大为赞誉,以下是他写给学校的赞誉信:

I am George. I go to Yi Dance Art School in Panmure. Many other students attending dancing classes here and on the North Shore as well.

It is like a dancing group, accompanied with variety of music.

Even I am originally from Germany, living in New Zealand for 30 years.

I enjoy warming up exercises before dancing lessons and being in the group with students from Asia of all ages.

I am 68 years old, but nevertheless, as for me this activity has more fun and more new expressions and body movements giving me a good feeling being physically active.

Yes, we can say any activity is good for the body, but being in a group of people without judging each other and having respect, regardless where you from, gives you a feeling of acceptance and belonging. We also would be pleased to have you with us, whatever your ethnicity. You welcome!

Milla is our Teacher/Trainer. She has been studying Ballet/Art Dancing in Paris/France and she has real professional approach with her valuable skills.

Milla has represented many cultural/traditional dancing performances in Europe and now also here in New Zealand.



George Massold是德裔新西兰籍人,定居新西兰30多年,原奥克兰大学教授,在新西兰拥有自己的发明专利,精通德语、西班牙语、俄语等多门语言,现为奕舞艺术学校的忠实粉丝,他对学校和Milla老师大为赞誉,以下是他写给学校的赞誉信!

我是乔治。我去了Panmure的Yi Dance奕舞艺术学校。许多其他学生也在这里和北岸参加舞蹈课。 奕舞艺术学校就如一个舞蹈艺术团,在这里,每天都伴随着优美的舞姿和美妙的音乐。






1990年NZ Herald(新西兰先驱报)对George及其发明的报导!

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